Frank MirEarlier this week, UFC heavyweight Frank Mir fired off the first shot in what appears to be a developing war of words with upcoming opponent Daniel Cormier. Essentially, Mir questioned Cormier’s credentials based on his previous fights involving Strikeforce opponents and even threatened to break his arm, saying he felt disrespected by the Grand Prix winner’s desire to duke it out in his UFC debut.

Mir’s harsh assessment understandably didn’t sit well with Cormier who took to Twitter and responded, alluding to a past win over top contender Antonio Silva before bringing up Josh Barnett (who he also beat in Strikeforce).

“Level of competition Mir? You do realize I beat the guy fighting for the UFC title next right. Research buddy,” Cormier exclaimed, adding he couldn’t wait to get a hold of Mir at UFC on FOX 7.

“Hey Barnett, message from your friendly neighborhood Olympian,” wrote Cormier in a follow-up message. “I think Mir says that we aren’t very good. Just a heads up.”

Cormier is 11-0 with eight stoppages including his knockout of Silva. Comparably, Mir is 16-6 and owns past wins over Brock Lesnar, Cheick Kongo, and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. UFC on FOX 7 is scheduled from April 20 in San Jose, California.