Dan Cramer - UFCTonight marks the first step of Bellator middleweight Brian Rogers’ latest trek towards a title-shot. Rogers is scheduled to duke it out with Dan Cramer at Bellator 89 in the opening round of the promotion’s Season 8 Middleweight Tournament where he’ll attempt to repeat the same success he’s had twice before in winning a quarterfinal clash.

The heavy-handed striker recently weighed in on his match-up with Cramer in an interview with MMAWeekly, making it clear he’s gunning for the finish rather than expecting to work fifteen minutes for a decision.

“He’s a guy that likes to brawl. He’s going to try to use his wrestling and clinch work. He usually out-grinds people and goes to a decision by just putting them on their back and grinding them. That’s what he’s going to try to do, and I’m going to do my best to make that not happen,” explained Rogers. “I don’t plan on him putting me on my back. If he does, I plan on getting right back up. Closed guard and open guard submissions are rare. I could very well end up on top. I’m going to let my hands go on top and if a submission is there, I’m going grip it.”

“We’ll see what happens. I’m not going to predict a knockout, but if I’m doing the right things, that’s what’s going to happen,” he concluded.

Rogers is 10-4 in his career with eight wins by way of knockout. Though Cramer has a similar record at 9-3, his history of scoring stoppages is a polar opposite to Rogers’ with seven decisions in the bunch. Fans can catch the two throw down tonight on Spike TV when the broadcast starts at 10:00 PM EST.