Jordan Borroughs - USA The sporting world was left stunned today when the International Olympic Committee decided to drop wrestling from its list of sports in favor of keeping a sport like field hockey. Wrestling in some form has been part of the games since their modern inception more than 100 years ago and can be dated back to the ancient games. The sport has also produced a number of notable athletes over the years including many who currently call MMA home.

In a conversation with the Associated Press, IOC spokesman Mark Adams explained the decision was based on “renewing” the Olympics. Fortunately, he also revealed things were not final, stating an official ruling on the 25 sports will come when a board meets in May.

If wrestling is indeed scrapped the change will take place in 2020.

The move sent shockwaves through the MMA community with reaction understandably being oppositional. Below are some of the reactions from a few familiar faces followed by a link to an online petition being circulated:

“Unbelievable! What do you tell the kids on my youth team who want nothing more than to be like Jordan Burroughs!” – Daniel Cormier

“All other sports are great and gives back to the athlete but no other sport on this planet gives you what WRESTLING does.” – Benson Henderson

“This is crazy!” – Kenny Florian

“I have no idea how the IOC can get rid of a sport like wrestling. Not only is it the toughest, most demanding, grueling sport in the world but its also ‘along with running’ as the first Olympic sport and the reason the Olympics were created in the first place dating all the way back to the Roman times. Whatever jackasses voted for wrestling to be out of the Olympics should be fired! To say the least…” – Sean Sherk

If you want to let your opinion be heard on the matter, make sure to help Save Olympic Wrestling.