Randy Couture and Ryan CoutureIconic competitor Randy Couture has the respect of countless individuals due to his contributions to MMA both in and out of the Octagon. Of course, one person who won’t be sending Couture a Christmas card this year is UFC President Dana White. The outspoken executive recently blasted Couture after “The Natural” inked a deal to work with Spike TV, stating the Hall of Famer was no longer allowed at UFC events amongst other nasty things.

Couture has since responded to the UFC chief’s comments, explaining he isn’t worried about White’s behavior towards him so much as his son, lightweight Ryan Couture. The younger Couture signed a deal with the UFC prior to his father’s fallout with the company and is set to debut in April.

“I’m not really concerned about whether or not I can buy a ticket and go to an event if I wanted to. I certainly still have a number of friends in the fight game, with the organization, that would probably give me a ticket if I asked for one,” said Couture in a recent conversation with Knockout Radio. “My only real concern is my son and I’ve been a big part of Ryan’s career, certainly a big part of his last three training camps as he’s moved up in competition. I’ve helped him formulate some of those game plans in some of those camps and cornered him for his last three fights, so if that’s what Ryan needs and that’s what Ryan wants, then I am certainly willing to walk across that and address that issue, if Dana tries to preclude me from being a part of Ryan’s career.”

The 49-year old went on to state he is under the impression athletic commissions are in charge of who corners fighters rather than the UFC, though he remained hopeful White may soften his stance with a little time to cool down allowing the issue to resolve itself.

“I think the dust will settle and some of this will go away, but I also know that Dana is one to hold a grudge,” said Couture. “He’s not one to forget things and that’s probably why he’s had such the strong reaction that he’s had. He’s still hanging on and harboring some of the old animosity that he’s had from the issues that we had in the past, so it will be what it will be.”

Up next for Couture is a stint as one of the coaches on Bellator’s upcoming reality show as well as a job as host on a program Spike TV is airing called Gym Rescue.