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Cristiane Santos no longer negotiating with the UFC

Tito Ortiz - ApprenticeHopes surrounding the possibility of a fight featuring Ronda Rousey-Cristiane Santos took a major blow last night when news surfaced status “Cyborg” had requested to be set free from a deal with Zuffa linked to her time in Strikeforce. As such, Santos will look to take her talents elsewhere in order to continue competing as a 145er rather than in the bantamweight field Rousey currently rules.

Manager Tito Ortiz revealed the development on Inside MMA, explaining Santos turned down a recent offer from the UFC based on feeling as though she still can’t slim down to 135 pounds. Ortiz maintained “Cyborg” was willing to face Rousey at a 140-pound catch-weight but could go no further. As such, it appears her flirtation with the world’s foremost MMA promotion is at an end.

“Since they’re not having a 145 pound weight-class, what else can they do,” asked Ortiz rhetorically regarding her release.

The 10-1 Santos hasn’t fought since December 2011 when a win she notched was changed to a No Contest in light of her failing a drug test relating to PED use. Prior to the situation she’d scored strike-based stoppages in a quartet of clashes under the Strikeforce banner, beating the likes of Hitomi Akano, Marloes Coenen, and Gina Carano.

Ortiz’s full take can be seen below:


  • AlphaOmega says:

    Just saw this on Twitter. I’m not surprised though, she hinted in SF that she wanted out of the Zuffa contract and to go to Invicta. I don’t blame her though, her/tito are stubborn and DW is stubborn so it had bad news and bad feelings written all over it, there’s plenty of good fights for her in Invicta I think, and her name can help them get even better.

  • raker says:

    I think it’s fair for her to look elsewhere as this women’s division in the UFC has been built solely around Rousey. It’s like asking GSP to slim down to 155 because its the only division. Cyborg is already shredded at 145 and although I’d like to see her fight Rousey, it’s not fair at 135. Besides, Cyborg has a very good chance to beat Rousey which would probably kill women in the UFC. Your most marketable female star that the division has been built around would have lost and Cyborg would be unlikely to remain at 135. Then what?

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    Just because someone can maul much smaller, hand chosen competitors in a second tier promotion does not automatically mean they will find success in UFC.

    I knew Cyborg would chicken out. Unable to handle a fight with someone her own size and quite possibly her athletic superior her and Tito took their marbles and went away.

    I wish Cyborg luck and lax drug testing in her future journeys. The second that whiz quiz comes due Cyborg will be on the shelf again.

  • Angry Mike says:

    Wow. Tito retires and slips into a sweater and hipster glasses. He needs to learn that you can dress in a professional manner without looking like a metrosexual eunuch. Nothing says killer like an ultra conservative suit that’s custom made. Surely Tito has the coin for a few of those.

  • MCM says:

    I don’t know why people find it hard to believe that Cyborg has a hard time making 135? She’s 5’8″ and if anyone saw the pics of her and her ex husband in ESPN, you can tell she’s solidly built. She actually looks as big as Evangelista and he fought most of his career at 185lbs.
    I think raker hit is it on the head with this one. She still the one of the biggest stars in WMMA and has Invicta, Bellator and any other org that wants her. If the UFC decides to open up other womens divisions, she should jump at the chance to sign with them, but at this point, when they are still testing the waters, Cyborg has viable options that won’t diminish her capabilities inside the cage.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    Saw on twitter that Dana agreed that Cyborg could leave her contract, and also released the info that she made 40k a fight


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