Court McGee - UFN 25 WorkoutsUltimate Fighter 11 winner Court McGee started out strong in the UFC with back-to-back wins after his initial triumph in the Octagon to earn the season’s crown. However, his fortune changed in 2012, losing two tilts ultimately forcing the 28-year old grinder to make a decision about his future prospects in the middleweight division.

McGee has since slimmed down to welterweight, telling MMAConvert he’d planned to do so before being presented with bouts against Costa Philippou and Nick Ring. Realizing he could no longer delay the move after falling in both fights, McGee changed things up and is excited about showing off his skills at 170 pounds when he faces Josh Neer in a few weeks at UFC 157.

“I will have that little extra edge. How I fight is my pressuring my opponent and beating a hole in their face. That is how I fight. There is no special game plan; I’m not trying to be Anderson Silva or karate-kick this sh*t. I’m not that guy. I come out, get in your face, and push you until I feel you break. When I feel that happen, I take advantage. I’ve never been a finesse-type guy in anything,” said McGee of his approach to beating Neer. “I know what I need to do. I need to come down and put this dude out.”

The 14-3 McGee’s aggressive style has led to ten finishes including seven submissions. Of course, Neer has never been one to back down from a fight either, holding an overall record of 33-12-1 with 29 stoppages of his own. The two are set to face off on the preliminary portion of the February 23 card.