Cung Le v Patrick Cote - UFC 148UFC middleweight Cung Le is one of the very few fighters who can lay claim to calling the world’s foremost MMA promotion home despite being 40. While Le has dealt with some injury issues over the past year, the damage he’s sustained came in successful clashes over Patrick Cote and Rich Franklin, putting Le in a position of returning to the Octagon with his head held high whenever he chooses to do so.

Le understands his days in the sport are numbered given his physical limitations, plus he has a number of other career options at his disposal, but he’s not ready to walk away just yet.

“I have a few fights left in me, but I’m just taking it one day at a time and enjoying a little time off. I’m just doing what I love to do,” said Le in an interview with Fightline.

As far as his next fight, the 9-2 striker was recently brought up in connection with a potential clash against champion Anderson Silva. However, UFC President Dana White quickly dismissed the notion, making Le’s future a bit murkier. Of course, that’s fine with the former Strikeforce title-holder who is happy to face any opponent the UFC throws his way.

“I wasn’t thinking much about it until my name got thrown in the hat. For me, being a martial artist and always wanting to challenge myself, that would be one of the greatest challenges of my career and probably my life if it ever happened,” explained Le of Silva, moving on to the topic of other adversaries. “I’m not one of those guys who is like, ‘Oh, I’ve got to fight him, I’ve got to fight him, I’ve got to fight him.’ I’ve got nothing to prove to anyone, I just like to compete. I compete for myself and the fans. Whoever it is, I go out there and do my best. It’s just who they put me against.”

Le is currently healing up from an elbow injury stemming from a knockout win over Franklin last November. He got surgery to correct the issue in December and could be back by late summer if all goes according to plan.