Cain VelasquezIt wasn’t long ago the UFC appeared to have things lined up for a highly-anticipated heavyweight bout between champion Cain Velasquez and streaking contender Alistair Overeem. However, those plans hit a snag last weekend thanks to Antonio Silva’s TKO of Overeem at UFC 156. While the UFC hasn’t hinted at their approach in the wake of the win, Silva’s name has been brought up in connection with Velasquez’s a few times based on the recent victory.

Of course, most fans likely remember Silva lost in the opening round of action against Velasquez when the two locked horns last year, setting up an anti-climactic title-fight to say the least. Fortunately, it looks like the Brazilian’s team isn’t focused on facing Velasquez just yet even if they’re ultimately open to any pairing proposed by the UFC.

“Personally, I’d rather have him get some other fights before he fights Cain,” explained manager Alex Davis to MMAFighting. “But it’s up to the UFC, if they want him to go for the title, we cannot say no, either.”

“I think that Junior can beat any heavyweight in the world on a good day. If it’s a rematch with Cain that’s on the horizon, we are game also,” Davis continued, mentioning Josh Barnett and Stefan Struve as other potential opponents for the 18-4 Brazilian.

Velasquez has taken a similar approach to his next adversary, leaving the decision up to his bosses rather than call for a specific fight. An official selection isn’t likely to come for a few more months, a possibility Velasquez is also content with based on past statements.