UFC 156 PosterLast night’s lineup for UFC 156 was a roller-coaster ride UFC President Dana White was happy to be on. The evening was full of finishes and featured a few unexpected results including Antonio Silva and Antonio Rogerio Nogueira taking out Alistair Overeem and Rashad Evans respectively.

Shortly after the show’s conclusion the elated executive spoke with Fuel TV where he reflected on the PPV match-ups.

White explained he had featherweight champion Jose Aldo beating Frankie Edgar on the scorecards in their hard-fought headliner, giving “The Answer” credit for his performance but also stating, “I don’t think it grants an automatic rematch.”

“I like him a lot better at 145,” White continued on Edgar. “When he’s in there with those 155 pounders, he’s the ‘Rocky’….he’s the ‘Gatti’. He takes those shots. Taking those shots, while we respect it, it’s not a good thing long term. I’d rather see him in there with guys that are his own weight.”

As far as Nogueira’s win over Evans, White was not necessarily shocked by the Brazilian’s ability to come out victorious so much as the lack of offense from Evans.

“He looked terrible. I’ve never seen Rashad look as bad as he looked (against Nogueira),” assessed White, later criticizing Evans’ teammate Overeem for a similarly strange showing against Silva.

The full conversation can be seen below including White talking about a potential title-shot for Silva, Demian Maia’s dominance over Jon Fitch, and more: