Jose Aldo v Frankie Edgar - UFC 156 Weigh InsWith former lightweight Frankie Edgar’s first dip down to 145 pounds out of the way, “The Answer” can finally focus on fighting champion Jose Aldo tonight at UFC 156 instead of cutting weight. While other 155ers have struggled in their first attempt to slim down to the smaller division, Edgar’s case is unique based on his body being better suited for featherweight. And, as he revealed to Fuel TV after hitting the scale, it actually went smoother than he initially expected.

“It was easy. It really was. That’s not me making anything up. I feel good. I feel better than 155. It feels more natural,” said Edgar. “Athletically I feel better.”

As far as his match-up with Aldo, the 31-year old expressed confidence in his ability to emerge victorious as long as he performs up to the standard he set during a successful run at lightweight including possession of the title.

“I just gotta be myself. I haven’t disappointed yet. If I show up and fight my fight, and just fight to my ability, things will go my way,” explained Edgar, adding that he isn’t afraid to go the distance if necessary after consecutive losses in closely-contested decisions based on his belief that such a scenario would involve an obvious ruling in his favor.

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