Demetrious Johnson v John Dodson - UFC on FOX 6Like most sports, Mixed Martial Arts is not without its fair share of controversy stemming from questionable calls on the part of the officiating crew. Though far from the worst instance of judgment seen in the Octagon, last night’s headlining tilt between Demetrious Johnson-John Dodson at UFC on FOX 6 featured an infraction leaving many in the MMA community talking about it’s impact on the bout as well as that of referee John McCarthy’s decision to not dock a point.

In the fourth round, flyweight champion Johnson landed a knee to Dodson’s face doing slight damage despite the contender’s hand being on the ground (making the strike illegal). While Dodson was able to recover fully, the fight was so close the point in question would have changed the outcome from a win for Johnson to a Majority Draw.

One person who wasn’t bothered by the situation, surprisingly, was Dodson himself. “The Magician” spoke to Fuel TV after the loss where he was all smiles.

“I was playing that game – I was trying to make sure that I didn’t get kneed in the face and I got kneed. It’s okay. I don’t mind that it happened because we were changing levels so quickly. It’s okay. I’m fine with that,” admitted Dodson, saying his focus was simply on getting better as a result of the rumble.

“It’s a learning experience. I had fun in that whole fight. I might have lost it, but I’ll learn a lot from this and I’m gonna come back stronger and win that title,” Dodson explained, joking that two lessons he’d already taken away from the tilt were, “Don’t get hit in the body and don’t let somebody hang on my neck.”

The full interview with Dodson can be seen below: