UFC 156 BannerWhen former UFC lightweight champ Frankie Edgar announced he was dropping down to 145 pounds for a fight with featherweight king Jose Aldo, questions began to surface surrounding the speed advantage Edgar had as a 155er going out the window against similarly-sized opponents. While Edgar isn’t exactly sure how his quickness will stack up against Aldo’s, or other talented fighters in the division, he does believe he’ll actually be a bit more nimble than he was before based on a few changes to his training/diet.

“I feel my speed will the same, if not quicker actually because it’s gonna force me to be a little leaner,” said Edgar in the extended preview for UFC 156 where he’s set to face the explosive Brazilian.

Edgar also answered Aldo’s assertion that he’ll deliver a knockout on February 2 when the two face off, pointing to the fact he’s yet to suffer a strike-based stoppage in his career and that scoring one was “easier said than done”.

Check out the entire preview below also featuring profiles of Aldo, Antonio Silva, and Alistair Overeem: