Eddie Alvarez - ASMLightweight Eddie Alvarez didn’t have much to say on Friday afternoon moments after learning his fighting future was still up in the air. Alvarez spent the day in court while his legal team battled a Bellator attorney in an injunction aimed at freeing the 29-year old up for action in April under the UFC’s banner. Ultimately, while the judge saw some flaws in Bellator’s argument against allowing Alvarez to be a true free agent, he was unable to rule in favor of the frustrated competitor, leaving the case to continue unfolding over the next several months.

Alvarez’s mindset clearly changed at some point over the ensuing 24 hours, going on Twitter last night to express both his disgust with Bellator’s behavior and confidence in things going his way once all the facts are on the table.

“Thanks for the support,” wrote Alvarez to his fans. “I still feel very optimistic about the trial. Unlike the injunction, Bellator will have to back up all the bullsh*t lies. Bellator’s attorney looked right in the judge’s face and told a boldface lie. I couldn’t believe the balls on this dude. I can’t wait until everything comes to the surface. You and myself are being lied to, I promise you guys.”

“You know when someone who sucks at lying lies to you to your face and you look at them like, ‘Are you f*cking serious?’ That’s what happened. Was so obvious,” the 24-3 Alvarez continued. “But the judge cannot assume that they won’t hold up their end and they didn’t have to back up their claims yesterday.”

Alvarez’s point of contention surrounds Bellator’s promise of a PPV in the future while also having said in the past that nothing was set in stone on that front.

“I didn’t expect to win yesterday. I was asking for a lot in a small amount of time. The judge was fair. The trial will be much different,” he concluded.

The Philadelphia native also made it clear his past relationship with Bellator had been soured to the point a peaceful resolution is highly unlikely. Alvarez was the company’s first legitimate star and fought for them, including as champion, for years.

“I have friends. None of them never handed me a 100 page document to sign before we became friends,” posted the angry Alvarez.

PHOTO CREDIT – BELLATOR/Authentic Sports Management