Demetrious Johnson - UFC on FOX 6 WorkoutsThere’s been a lot of talk about who is the faster flyweight – champion Demetrious Johnson or contender John Dodson. Both are exceptionally quick, making each 125er tough to fend off or find when it comes to landing offense. Fortunately, fans will finally find out whose lightning-like reflexes reign supreme tonight at UFC on FOX 6 when the two face off in the evening’s main event.

Though Dodson isn’t 100% sure on who is superior either, he’s been approaching the tilt as though Johnson has the superior speed as a means of making sure he’s ready no matter what.

“I’m preparing for him to be faster than me. I’ve gotta make sure that I can keep up with his pace with 25 minutes or he has to keep up with mine for 25,” explained Dodson in a recent interview with Fuel TV, joking about the difficulty in finding someone to mirror “Mighty Mouse” having led to some unconventional training techniques. “I keep on chasing chickens, goats…some cows here and there, play with my dogs and cats.”

While Dodson’s sense of humor is always present, the 28-year old also made it clear he has a ton of respect for the 16-2-1 Johnson and has for a long time.

“I’ve been a fan of his since he came on the scene in WEC,” admitted Dodson. “He was my #1 pick for the flyweight tournament and I told everybody hands down that he was gonna win. And sure enough he did win it.”

Of course, that doesn’t mean the admiration he has for his adversary will prevent him from going all out inside the Octagon in order to win the divisional strap.

“I’m excited cause then millions of fans that haven’t seen flyweights…they’re gonna see me knock out Demetrious Johnson,” claimed the confident Dodson.

The full interview with Dodson can be found below: