Vitor BelfortAs invincible as UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones has appeared to be in most of his match-ups, his last bout showed a sliver of mortality when 205-pound king was nearly dethroned by seasoned veteran Vitor Belfort. The two tussled this past September after Belfort volunteered to meet Jones on short notice, moving up from middleweight to take the tilt. Though ultimately one-sided, Belfort nearly shocked the world in the early stages of the scrap when he locked up an Armbar his foe had to fight through to escape. In fact, the hold was so stiff Jones has been sidelined since, recovering from a few minor injuries stemming from the submission attempt.

After Belfort’s recent win over Michael Bisping the legendary Brazilian decided to re-visit the thought of a rumble with Jones, calling for a crack at the champion in his next bout rather than awarding current contender Chael Sonnen the opportunity.

Jones was asked to address Belfort’s challenge this week as a guest on the Opie and Anthony Show where his amusement at the idea was evident.

“I didn’t even take him seriously. At no point in time was he close to winning that first fight outside of that Armbar. That was the first minute of the first round. Outside of that, it was a 24-minute butt whooping,” said Jones. “I was like, ‘Man, don’t call me out like that.’”

Showing little to no interest in Belfort, Jones will instead spend time focusing on his April 27 meeting with Sonnen at UFC 159. The fight will mark the fifth defense of his title.