Rory MacDonald v Che MillsUFC welterweight Carlos Condit had strung together a nice series of wins entering a November match-up with champion Georges St-Pierre, beating the likes of Nick Diaz, Dong Hyun Kim, Jake Ellenberger, and Rory MacDonald. Though Condit was able to land a little offense in the title-fight, he certainly struggled to find anywhere near the same success as what he’d experienced in the six bouts leading up to the scrap.

In the midst of preparing for another match-up with MacDonald, “The Natural Born Killer” is ready to show he’s recaptured his old form and won’t be picked apart again as he was by GSP. In fact, as far as he’s concerned, he has no other choice.

“I gotta be better than I was in the last fight. He’s coming into this fight with a lot of emotion, a lot of anger. I really feel like I’m going to be able to use that to my advantage,” said Condit in a recent conversation with The MMA Hour. “He’s a young guy and he’s trying to figure out who he is. I think we all go through that. I don’t really pay too much mind to that. My concern is the guy, the fighter that I am meeting in the cage.”

While Condit may own a win over MacDonald, the victory didn’t come with ease and was actually a Hail Mary of sorts in final moments of a three round tilt he was likely losing on the scorecards. MacDonald has shown tremendous growth since the stumble, racking up four straight instances of success including a recent dismantling of B.J. Penn. Condit knows he’s in for a tough night at UFC 158 when he fights MacDonald but plans to be prepared all the same.

“He looked really good (against Penn),” assessed Condit. “His stand-up’s come a long way. He’s kind of developed a lot of new weapons and he looked great. I think more versatile. He has more tools in his tool belt.”

Condit-MacDonald’s meeting is part of a welterweight-laden lineup for UFC 158. The March 16 card is headlined by St-Pierre putting his gold on the line against Diaz and also features Ellenberger battling Johny Hendricks.