UFC 155 CanvasUFC lightweight Joe Lauzon is no stranger to receiving extra winnings. After all, the 28-year old is tied with pound-for-pound great Anderson Silva with the most performance-based bonuses in the organization’s history. However, Lauzon’s latest offering in the Octagon scored him more than just Fight of the Night honors and a $65,000 check on top of his regular earnings.

Lauzon recently revealed the UFC had decided to send him the canvas covering the Octagon from his match-up with Jim Miller at UFC 155. As fans undoubtedly remember, the talented 155ers went at it for three full rounds in a bout featuring buckets of blood.

The Massachusetts native confirmed the UFC’s gift by posting a picture of the bloodstained canvas laid out in his gym. Sanitation questions aside, it looks like Lauzon has a trophy he can keep for a long time as memorable as any belt, while up-and-coming fighters under his tutelage will always have a reminder of the price potentially paid in each effort.