John DodsonFlyweight title-contender John Dodson has drawn comparison to UFC champion Demetrious Johnson since showing up on the Ultimate Fighter 14. He’s exceptionally quick and possesses a well-rounded set of skills. However, what he doesn’t have is Johnson’s experience.

Dodson’s lack of big fights, such as his headlining effort against Johnson at UFC on FOX 6, is an advantage “Mighty Mouse” feels could come into play when the two clash on Saturday night.

“He’s a great opponent, he’s very athletic, and I’m ready to face John Dodson and whatever shows up. That little ball of fire he brings, I’ll be ready to take care of that,” said Johnson in an interview with UFC Tonight. “Things happen differently when you’re in the Octagon. Let’s see if he can go five rounds.”

“I think that’s a huge thing I have underneath my belt,” added Johnson after pointing out his 25-minute tilts against Dominick Cruz and Joseph Benavidez.

Of course, just because Johnson is ready to go the distance with Dodson doesn’t mean he won’t be looking to finish his foe early and often. He simply understands the 14-5 Dodson is far from being a pushover.

“I would love to go in there, throw a flash kick, knock him out, and be able to walk out with no broken bones. That’s the way I would love to have it. But we don’t live in a world of fantasies,” explained Johnson. “So I plan on going in there, going to work. I love to work hard, so just go in there, work hard, and come out with the victory.”

The complete interview with Johnson can be seen below: