Though his nickname is “The Rock”, bantamweight Pedro Nobre certainly seemed to crumble with ease this past weekend after some questionable blows to the back of his head resulted in the Brazilian laying motionless face-down, unable to continue after the referee stepped in to intervene. As a result, the fight was ruled a No Contest and countless fans – as well as UFC President Dana White – criticized Nobre for seemingly quitting a fight he was losing in when an opportunity to do so presented itself.

However, Nobre’s injury was either extremely serious or his acting that adept, as he was spotted wearing a neck brace on Sunday. Though Nobre hasn’t elaborated on exactly what injuries he suffered on Saturday night, he did tell MMAJunkie he’s since spoken to opponent Yuri Alcantara and hopes to make up for the disappointing outcome at some point in the future if given a chance.

“I met Yuri in the hotel hallway when I came back from the hospital. He came and asked for my forgiveness and made it clear that he never had the intent to strike me illegally. At that time, I told him not to worry because I know he is a person of integrity, same as me. Accidents happen, and this time I was on the receiving end,” explained Nobre. “We are both fighters with similar characteristics, who fight always moving forward. I wish to return to the Octagon soon. In case the UFC asks for a [rematch], to remove any doubt, we would do everything to make it up to the audience.”

Prior to his appearance at UFC on FX 7, Nobre had looked sharp on the regional scene, compiling an overall record of 14-1-2 with thirteen stoppages. No word was given on his future in the UFC.

Alcantara was still paid his win bonus for his performance despite the bout’s outcome.