Dana WhiteIt’s fairly rare for an MMA event to unfold without some sort of error in officiating whether in terms of a referee’s actions inside the cage or judge’s perception outside of it. Everyone from fans to fighters to UFC President Dana White have been extremely vocal with their frustration over the lack of consistent quality in a sport with high stakes and still attempting to establish its foothold as being mainstream.

Of course, it appears the MMA community shouldn’t expect NAC Executive Director Keith Kizer to pay much attention to anyone’s ire. In fact, though he’s open to hearing the public’s complaints, he doesn’t lend much weight to it based on the way folks react to all athletic endeavors.

“I welcome criticism. None of us are above criticism. I welcome honest criticism – whether it is constructive or correct or not – as long as it’s honest,” explained Kizer in an interview with Fighters.com, adding, “Do I think that people over-criticize the refs? Yes, but that’s part of the fun.”

“In every basketball game I’ve ever gone to, every time a foul is called, half the place is yelling about how bad the referee is. That’s part of what you do as a fan,” he continued. “After fights, everyone agrees that the judges are horrible, but they disagree on everything else when it’s close, which I find somewhat amusing.”

Kizer did state he understands the responsibility he has to provide a safe, professionally sound environment. Unfortunately, it seems that doesn’t include completely competent officials calling/scoring the action.