Vitor BelfortIt wouldn’t be far fetched to think Brazilian fans will be overwhelmingly on the side of middleweight Vitor Belfort when he battles Michael Bisping this weekend in Sao Paolo at UFC on FX 7. However, according to Bisping, that may not actually be the case.

“The Count” arrived in town earlier this week and, rather than be mean-mugged by locals, he’s apparently been greeted with open arms.

“The fans here are UFC crazy and, surprisingly, I seem to have a tons of fans down here. I know. I was as surprised as you probably are, but it looks like I will have some good support in the Octagon when I fight Belfort here in Sao Paulo,” wrote Bisping in his latest blog entry for Yahoo Sports. “At the open workouts earlier today, I had fans coming up to me saying “I hope you kill that motherf*cker,” and “We can’t stand that guy!” I’ve got it on video; it really took me by surprise. He’s obviously got his fans – and I expect I will be booed like it is UFC 100 again on Saturday night – but a lot of people here in Brazil have no time for Vitor Belfort.”

“I don’t know for sure whether it was because he fought Anderson Silva and Anderson is like a god down here, or whether the Brazilians are just like English people in that they can’t stand holier than thou attitudes,” Bisping continued, explaining he felt it was definitely one of those two reasons and planned to keep investigating to find out more.

As far as his own personal dislike of Belfort, the 23-4 Brit explained he has no respect for cheaters while citing Belfort’s past PED use and recent response when asked about testosterone replacement therapy.

“He’s already been busted for elevated testosterone back in 2006, and his pathetic evasions of straight questions about TRT speaks volumes. If he wasn’t on TRT, he’d just say so. Instead he started mumbling and getting all embarrassed like a teenager caught with a porno mag. It is really pathetic,” stated Bisping. “With a physique like his, you’d think he’d jump at the chance to deny he’s taking TRT. But his silence speaks volumes, doesn’t it?”

“He’s trying to take my title shot off me. He’s trying to take my family’s security off me. And he’s prepared to cheat to do it,” Bisping concluded. “I’m not letting any of that happen. He can be injecting rocket fuel for all I care. The bottom line is I’m going to kick his arse Saturday night.

Fans can catch Bisping-Belfort on FX on Saturday night with the main card broadcast firing up at 9:00 PM EST. As always, Five Ounces of Pain will be dialed in and relaying live results back as well.