Jon JonesUFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones has a lot on his plate at the moment. The 25-year old is scheduled to serve as coach on TUF 17 starting next week where the world will get a chance to see how “Bones” reacts under the constant presence of cameras (not to mention the needling of Chael Sonnen). The stint on the show will be followed by a title-defense against Sonnen, and, if victorious, a meeting with one of a number of contenders including Dan Henderson and Alexander Gustafsson.

With the added bonus of unbeaten heavyweight Daniel Cormier coming into the UFC on a quest to lock horns with Jones at some point in 2013, the 17-1 superstar doesn’t have a lot of time for thinking about things other than his career. Jones spoke about Sonnen, Henderson, and Cormier on this week’s episode for UFC Tonight where he seemed eager to see action against all three.

“It’s hard to say who the better MMA wrestler is,” replied Jones when asked about his April 27 tilt with Sonnen in relation to his adversary’s strong point. “I mean, Chael definitely takes down a lot of opponents. But then again, I’ve seen him taken down by guys like Demian Maia – guys who aren’t really wrestlers. Right now, I haven’t been taken down by anyone. I’m not gonna say it’s not possible to be taken down. But I’m gonna have to go with myself just based off of stats.”

Jones also mentioned that he’d gained some respect for Sonnen after spending so much time with him but still had plans to smash him come showtime.

As far as Henderson, Jones expressed hope that the two will eventually settle their score after a 2012 meeting fell apart due to injury. Henderson is scheduled to face Lyoto Machida in about a month and is expected to receive the title-shot he was once promised if successful.

“I would love for him to get back into title contention. I don’t think he ever really left title contention, he just had an injury,” reflected Jones. “With the momentum that he’s had it’s only fair to give him a shot at the title. Me and him have unfinished business.”

The only foe Jones didn’t seem too enthusiastic about was Cormier. While Jones showed respect for the 11-0 Strikeforce fighter’s ability and was fine with fighting him, his focus is on realistic rumbles rather than what MIGHT happen.

“I think the guy is a tremendous athlete and I wish he would just do it and stop talking about it,” explained Jones of Cormier’s talk about moving down to 205 pounds, adding. “I’m open to fighting the best guys in the world and that’s why I’m here.”

Check out the complete interview below: