Carlos ConditUFC welterweight Rory MacDonald has established himself as one of the top 170ers in the sport despite only being 23 years old. However, as bright as his future may be, MacDonald is consumed by the past as it relates to his 2010 performance against Carlos Condit.

MacDonald, a relative unknown at the time, took it to Condit throughout the bulk of their bout and seemed to have a decision locked up before eating a few strikes in the final ten seconds turned the tables and resulted in a TKO win for “The Natural Born Killer”. Now, with a chance to avenge the loss when the two collide in mid-March at UFC 158, MacDonald is locked in on making sure Condit is the one losing sleep after their clash’s conclusion.

“I just want to do what he did to me. I want to make him feel the embarrassment I felt in front of his family the same way I felt. I want to hurt him the way he hurt me and I don’t want him ever to forget the time that we’re going to be in there for those 15 minutes. I want him to think about that for the rest of his life,” said the animated MacDonald in an interview with, adding that Condit has another thing coming if he’s expecting a scrap similar to their first meeting.

“My overall MMA game has changed so much and I’ve added so many different techniques that from where I was when I fought him the first time,” explained MacDonald. “I’m just a whole other fighter; I don’t fight anything like I did when we first fought.”

The 14-1 MacDonald is on a four-fight winning streak including a recent beatdown of B.J. Penn. Comparably, Condit (28-6) had strung together five straight victories before falling to champion Georges St-Pierre in his most recent rumble.