Hector LombardMeniere’s disease is an affliction that affects the inner ear, and symptoms include loss of hearing, loss of balance, vertigo, and excess use of profanity. Well, it looks like Dana White is finally getting his case of Meniere’s disease treated today via surgery, so you can expect a more alert and agile UFC president from now on. He’ll probably still curse like a sailor, though. On to the news!

  • White isn’t the only one being worked on. According to MMAWeekly, beloved bruiser Bas Rutten went under the knife as well, in this instance for neck surgery to correct recurring nerve issues the Dutchman and former UFC heavyweight champ has been dealing with. FiveOuncesofPain wish both men a speedy recovery.
  • Hector Lombard knows what’s up. He knows that to get anywhere in the UFC, you have to have a big mouth to go along with that on-again-off-again explosive KO power. Hence, his harsh words for Michael Bisping. It should also be noted that the Cuban judoka allegedly gets a cut of the pay-per-view whenever he’s in the main or co-main event, so there’s that little motivator as well.
  • Bellator’s eighth season debuts on SpikeTV on Thursday night – are you excited yet? You should be. I mean, at the very least, it should be refreshing to see something other than a UFC logo on the cage canvas when you’re watching MMA fights on television.