A week from tonight the simmering feud between UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones and controversial contender Chael Sonnen will kick into full gear with the premiere of the Ultimate Fighter 17. Both men exchanged a number of verbal jabs in public leading up to the announcement of their roles as TUF coaches and an April 27 tilt between the two, leaving fans to expect similar antics on the show as each attempts to craft a team of eight competitors.

Tickets for their headlining match-up at UFC 159 went on sale this week and with the announcement came a preview of what’s likely to come on January 22 and in the ensuing weeks.

“There’s a rumor going around that says Jon Jones is the best,” stated Sonnen of his future foe. “We’re going to find out who wins – the best or the baddest?”

Jones clearly caught wind of Sonnen’s statement, or was perhaps in the room when they were made, and addressed it immediately in a comment reminiscent of Sonnen’s brand of trash-talk.

“The rumors are true, I am the best. On April 27, Chael will be put through the test. When it’s all said and done, he’ll be just like the rest,” said the suddenly poetic pugilist.

UFC 159 is scheduled to take place in Newark, New Jersey. Jones (17-1) has successfully defended his belt against four opponents, all of whom had held UFC gold at some point in their careers, while Sonnen (27-12-1) is a massive underdog after suffering a strike-based stoppage to Anderson Silva in his last fight in addition to entering the bout with Jones without any significant light heavyweight success in his past.