Anthony PettisAfter a six-month campaign for the clash, UFC lightweight Donald Cerrone (19-4) is only two weeks away from finally getting his hands on Anthony Pettis (15-2). Though Cerrone called “Showtime” out publicly a number of times before the match-up materialized, the 29-year old scrapper recently revealed his motivation to do so didn’t stem from a personal problem with Pettis but was actually rooted in respect.

“This fight has been in the works for awhile, and it’s not anything personal towards Anthony – you know, I’m not like I’m picking him out of a big group of guys. He’s just the next guy in line to get to the title,” explained Cerrone in an interview with the UFC, pointing Pettis’ WEC win over champion Benson Henderson. “He beat Ben. For me to go in there (and) beat him, it puts me one step closer to the belt.”

As always, Cerrone is supremely confident in his ability to come out victorious. However, he has no illusions about his success coming easily considering Pettis’ reputation as one of the division’s most talented competitors.

“The guy’s wrestling is good, his stand-up is right up there with the best, and he beat up Ben and held him on the ground. And that’s impressive to do,” said Cerrone of the bout. “I know it’s gonna be a hard fight and I’m really excited.”

Cerrone-Pettis are set to lock horns on January 26 at UFC on FOX 6.

Check out the complete interview below: