Nobody has ever questioned the toughness of UFC star Frankie Edgar. An undersized lightweight for most of his career, Edgar has been through a bevy of battles and come out on top more often than not. He’s also never been finished despite facing some of the top 155ers in MMA.

However, featherweight champion Jose Aldo seems to feel as though he’ll be the first to put Edgar away when the two tussle at UFC 156, and, at least based on some of his statements, he doesn’t even envision encountering much difficulty in doing so.

Though Edgar is aware of Aldo’s comments, he’s not taking them personally and letting emotions cloud his approach to strapping a new UFC belt around his waist.

“Everyone’s got to motivate themselves in their own way. He hasn’t fought in a year, so I think maybe he forgets how it is to be in there and needs to motivate himself,” said Edgar to Las Vegas Weekly about Aldo’s remarks, adding, “He’s got something coming if he thinks this is going to be an easy fight.”

The former lightweight title-holder also made it clear he has a ton of respect for the 21-1 Aldo’s skills regardless of his adversary’s assessment of his own abilities.

“He’s a great striker, fast and explosive. He’s got great knees and great kicks. He might be the most dynamic striker we have in the sport, right there next to Anderson Silva,” offered Edgar when asked to break down his opponent’s game.

Fans can catch the pairing between pound-for-pound contenders via PPV on February 2. Edgar will be making his featherweight debut in the bout, while Aldo is on a fourteen-fight winning streak.