Never one to hog the spotlight, Strikeforce head Scott Coker has remained relatively quiet while watching the company he created fall apart over the past year with things culminating in this weekend’s swan song with Strikeforce: Marquardt vs. Saffiedine. Though the promotion’s run will conclude on Saturday night, Strikeforce’s legacy will carry on through the plethora of talented competitors who have called the organization’s cage home and are now out to find similar success in the UFC.

“The first four pillars, Frank Shamrock, Cung Le, Gil Melendez and Josh Thomson – they were the building blocks of our organization. I’ll be grateful forever for those guys for putting their hearts out and fighting their asses off. Because without those four guys, I don’t think we’d have been able to build this company into what it was,” said Coker during a recent conversation with The MMA Hour. “We’ve been good star builders. Look at Daniel Cormier, Ronda Rousey, (and) Luke Rockhold.”

While Coker has some regrets as well, such as the infamous post-bout brawl on CBS between Jason Miller and Jake Shields’ camp, his pride regarding Strikeforce was certainly evident and hasn’t dwindled despite the organization’s recent struggles. And, while he isn’t sure what the future holds, Coker has designs on delivering one more memorable evening before the curtain closes on Strikeforce.

“I wake up and head home, and watch the NFL playoff game,” stated Coker of his post-show plans. “I do have a contract with Zuffa which I intend to honor and so do they. We’re going to work together on the duties and responsibilities…I’ll probably fly to Las Vegas in the next ten days or so and we’ll probably work it out. But my (current) effort is trying to have a great show on Saturday night.”