The efforts put forth in the Octagon make it easy to forget fighters aren’t so different than fans in the stands or watching at home. At the end of the day, despite their chosen profession, even the most elite Mixed Martial Artists have loved ones at home and real lives to deal with. Rarely was that point more evident than in an emotional speech from heavyweight Pat Barry after a December win where he cited the importance of family/friends in the wake of the horrific shootings in Newton, Connecticut that left 20 children dead.

While Barry’s words were certainly moving, it turns out another fighter on the UFC’s roster had a far more personal attachment to the December 14 killings in the form of Glover Teixeira. The explosive light heavyweight has actually spent a good deal of time in Newton and still has family there including a niece who attends Sandy Hook Elementary w here the murders took place.

“I used to train in that town…my niece, my wife’s niece…she was in this picture all over the newspaper. I see this little kid and she’s like, she’s precious…she’s adorable, you know? And just to see the kids, to see something like that…it kills me,” said the distraught Teixeira in a recent conversation with MMAInterviews. “Every time I see the picture of the kids, it’s unbelievable…it’s unbelievable.”

“I’ve cried so many times already….and I can say my niece, she saw the bodies. To see her friends that were there, it’s unreal. She was in the next class,” he continued, stating he didn’t want to think about it anymore and simply ended the conversation by reminding people of how fleeting life truly is.