It all seemed so simple a few months ago. Former Bellator lightweight champ Eddie Alvarez was poised to enter free agency after a lengthy relationship with the organization, testing the waters while giving his former home an opportunity to match any offers thrown his way. However, it appears the negotiation process has hit a snag, prompting Alvarez to take to his Twitter to vent.

“I don’t know if I can stay quiet any longer. I am very close at just saying [email protected]# it !!! Sorry for all the BS guys. Things will get figured out,” said the frustrated fighter of the back-and-forth between Bellator and the UFC. “It’s not up to me who I fight for. Trust me.”

Alvarez also mentioned he would have already signed for a fight if given the freedom to do so.

Though the actual hold-up getting under Alvarez’s skin is unknown, UFC President Dana White was quoted a week ago as saying he thought things were going to get “ugly” between the two opposing organizations.

Bellator was recently said to have matched terms proposed by the UFC, drawing out the process in hopes of retaining one of the division’s top competitors. Alvarez holds an overall record of 24-3 with a ton of finishes to his credit in addition to consistent success against legitimate opposition.