John DodsonThe characteristic most often pointed to when discussing UFC flyweight champ Demetrious Johnson is unquestionably the title-holder’s speed. “Mighty Mouse” is one of the fastest fighters on the organization’s roster, utilizing his quickness to land strikes and score takedowns.

If there’s an opponent out there who might be able to match Johnson’s lightning-like pace in the Octagon it is likely current contender John Dodson. The two are set to square off in a few weeks at UFC on FOX 6 where, according to Johnson, fans should be treated to an evening of excellent action. However, what they won’t see is concern on his face in relation to Dodson’s pace.

“He’s super-athletic, I’m aware of that. He has a great sense of style and he likes to go out there and fight,” began Johnson in an interview with the UFC when asked to assess Dodson. “I think overall it’s gonna be a very exciting fight.”

Moving on to how he matches up with the Ultimate Fighter 14 winner, Johnson explained that he’s far from a one-trick pony even if he doesn’t always get credit for all of his abilities.

“He can have the speed to contend with me but it’s not always about the speed. That’s not how I win all my fights. It’s not because I’m super-fast,” said the 16-2-1 Johnson. “I’d like to think that I’m good fundamentally and I have a good skill-set. So he can match me speed-for-speed, but will he match my pressure? Will he be able to match my cardio? There are more aspects (involved) than speed.”

The complete interview with Johnson can be found below: