Okami v BelcherLeading up to UFC 155 there was a logjam at the top of the middleweight division and two contenders competing on the December 29 card. However, as chance would have it, both Alan Belcher and Tim Boetsch came up short in their scraps and were subsequently bumped out of title-contention.

Though both match-ups were mediocre at best from an entertainment perspective, one man who got a ton of enjoyment out of each was Michael Bisping. “The Count” is expected to get a crack at champion Anderson Silva if he beats Vitor Belfort in a few weeks at UFC on FX 7 and had taken criticism from both Boetsch and Belcher regarding the opportunity.

“I’d like to say I’m looking forward to these two simpletons keeping their pie holes shut about me for a little while. Those two have been calling me out and talking crap for months, and I would have got some real enjoyment beating them in the Octagon but two no-marks took that glory,” wrote Bisping in a blog for Yahoo Sports after feigning compassion for the pain of defeat.

“Belcher lost every minute of every round in a fight so boring I was afraid my brain was going to melt and start to dribble out of my ears. It was like someone detonated a nuclear bomb of boredom in the arena – everyone in the seats around me was playing Angry Birds,” the brash Brit continued. “What delusions of grandeur Belcher has. This is a guy who didn’t fight for a year after giving himself career-threatening eye-strain by watching too much internet porn, and he thinks he’s god’s gift to MMA. He even told UFC President Dana White that after he beat Okami, he’d fight me on January 19 if something happens to Belfort. This is a guy who got his arse kicked by two guys I smashed (Yoshihiro Akiyama and Jason Day) but he thinks he can not only beat me on a couple weeks’ training, but also assumed he was getting passed Okami, who is not to be underestimated.”

“Anyway, now we don’t have to listen to this guy anymore. Back to the undercard, sunshine,” exclaimed Bisping.

Both Belcher/Boetsch were on solid winning streaks before their recent stumbles. Comparably, the 23-4 Bisping is only a single instance of success removed from his last loss but had a slew of victories prior to the controversial outpointing.