Lauzon v MillerUFC lightweight Joe Lauzon scored his record-tying twelfth performance-based bonus last weekend at UFC 155 after turning in a gutsy effort against Jim Miller that was named the show’s Fight of the Night. Though Lauzon gladly accepted the $65,000 attached to the distinction, it sounds like the 28-year old won’t be looking to repeat the feat anytime soon based on the overwhelming amount of damage his face suffered over the duration of their duel.

“I’m glad people enjoyed the fight, but I’m not looking to go out there and look like a zombie after every fight,” said Lauzon in a recent interview with MMAJunkie. “I want to have exciting fights, but I don’t want to be the guy that’s exciting because he gets beat up so much. I want to demonstrate my skills and submit people and beat other people up.”

Lauzon went on to explain that, though the bulk of the injuries he suffered were superficial, he isn’t looking to put himself in a position where permanent effects might eventually come into play.

“I don’t feel I’ve taken any real abuse or punishment. But the thing is I don’t want to. I don’t want to have wars if that means I’m going to forget my own name. If it got to that point, I would reassess everything and take a step back,” admitted Lauzon.

Though he’ll certainly be shooting for a win in his next outing, fans shouldn’t expect Lauzon to play it safe even if he’ll be looking to avoid an all-out war like the one he experienced less than a week ago. In fact, according to Lauzon, it will be business as usual with one added change.

“I’ve got to hope that this next fight isn’t super exciting and I get one over,” joked Lauzon of his desire to finish things fast instead of involvement in a prolonged pairing.