Nick DiazIt wasn’t long ago MMA fans found themselves a few months away from a match-up between UFC welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre and rival Nick Diaz. However, Diaz’s notorious dislike of dealing with media resulted in the Stockton scrapper skipping out on a pair of press conferences aimed at hyping the event. As a result, UFC President Dana White replaced Diaz with Carlos Condit and cautioned the controversial competitor against repeating the act at any point down the road.

With the two talented 170-pounders set for a meeting in March, White has already started fielding questions about the possibility of Diaz doing something to jeopardize the title-bout. Though the outspoken executive hasn’t actually spoken to Diaz in awhile, he maintained his belief that the 29-year old will come through this time around even if promotional appearances aren’t his cup of tea.

“This is a fight that he wanted. He really wanted this fight bad. And Georges St-Pierre called him out. He’s getting it. So yes, I expect Diaz to be there,” explained White in a conversation with MiddleEasy. “You don’t have to call me, you don’t have to text me…but you do have to show up to the press conference. I would be blown away if he did it twice. It just wouldn’t be a good move.”

White went on to say he had no doubt Diaz would be ready to fight GSP but made it clear being a UFC star is about more than in-ring action, offering a mild warning in the process as well.

“The thing about Nick Diaz…Nick Diaz shows up for fights. And Nick Diaz shows up and fights his ass off when the fight is there. He’s not a big fan of the pre-fight promotion but you HAVE to do it. You have to do it,” stated White. “Whether you’re Nick Diaz, you’re Anderson Silva…whoever you are, it’s in your contract. You can actually be cut. We can cut you for that. How fun would the press conferences be if nobody f*cking showed up but me? It wouldn’t be too good.”