Healy v BeerbohmStrikeforce lightweight Pat Healy has been a consistent force at 155 pounds for the past few years, racking up a 6-1 record in the organization with his only stumble coming in a short-notice scrap with Josh Thomson. He’s also a hard-working, genuinely classy guy with a long history in the sport and wins over UFC stars like Dan Hardy and Carlos Condit.

However, for some reason Healy can’t seem to get a guarantee from Zuffa regarding a spot on the UFC roster once Strikeforce folds and has instead been told he’ll have to win on January 12 in order to ensure his continued employment. Though Healy has no problem fighting whoever Strikeforce puts in front of him, the 29-year old is also frustrated by fog surrounding his future.

“I just can’t figure out why I’m the only one that’s got to fight for my job when guys I’ve beaten like Caros Fodor are getting shots. He’s coming off a loss to me and he’s getting a fight straight in the UFC. I have to go in there and fight whoever they can scrounge up for my contract,” expressed the upset Healy in an interview with MMAMania. “I couldn’t imagine if I don’t have a job at the end of this. I don’t know what I’d do. I’d be so devastated. I felt like I had a good solid job with Strikeforce and now that it’s going away, I don’t feel like I have any love carrying over and it’s really got me nervous.”

Healy was originally scheduled to face champion Gilbert Melendez at the event, who eventually withdrew due to injury, and then saw replacement Jorge Masvidal duck out for the same reason. Now unsure about who he’ll face in less than two weeks, Healy is simply hoping the matchmaking team gives him a challenge so he can prove their lack of faith thus far has been unwarranted.

“I certainly feel like I’ve earned a big fight. I’ve worked hard, kept my head down, didn’t ask for anything,” said Healy. “I don’t want to fight an opponent who nobody’s ever heard of or someone they’ll downplay if I have a good fight, saying, ‘Well he should have won.’ I want to fight somebody big and I feel like I’ve earned it.”