Velasquez v Dos SantosUFC heavyweight champ Cain Velasquez may be labeled as “the baddest man on the planet” now that he’s got his hands back on the divisional title but in reality he’s just another person trying to achieve his dreams and simply make it in the world. Velasquez’s humanity was on display after beating Junior dos Santos at UFC 155 to win the belt where a recent backstage video from the UFC captured his reaction to coming out of last weekend’s clash with his hand raised.

“This time I was like, I’m taking the fight to him…throwing punches, making him feel them, and then looking for that takedown,” explained Velasquez of his approach to Dos Santos before getting emotional, fighting off tears to say, “All the fans, thank you so much for believing in me. I read all your inspirational stuff on Twitter…this is for you guys. Thank you.”

The feature also shows Dos Santos and Velasquez in their respective locker rooms, preparing for the rumble.

Check out the complete video below: