Josh BarnettFor a guy who likes pummeling opponents during business hours and listening to death metal in his free time, Strikeforce heavyweight Josh Barnett is actually an extremely laid back individual. In fact, when it comes to his career, Barnett would love to join the rest of Strikeforce’s heavyweight cast in the UFC but is also completely cool with showcasing his skills outside of the Octagon.

“I’m not really chomping at the bit to fight anyone. I’m chomping at the bit to fight everyone,” explained Barnett in an interview with Sherdog, elaborating on what his future may or may not hold. “There are names that keep coming up. Personally, I would love to take out Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, once and for all, because I don’t like the way our last match ended. I felt that it was politically derived to try and make for a rubber match between us in order to make more money. I don’t really feel like I lost that decision. Although, my philosophy is that if you don’t finish your opponent, then you have to accept whatever is given to you. I just want another crack at him, but I don’t know if he’ll be around long enough to even make that fight happen.”

“Other than that, I keep seeing that everyone always wants me to fight Frank Mir for some reason,” Barnett continued. “Everyone thinks it’s going to be the two American grappling heavyweights putting on this spectacle of grappling extravagance, I guess, but a fight’s a fight. Sure, I’ll fight Frank Mir. At one point, he was considered a Top 5 guy, I think. He’s a well-known staple of the UFC, but I don’t sit around at night waiting for an opportunity to fight Frank Mir or to fight Cain Velasquez or any of these other guys who are the top guys in the UFC. I just want to fight them because they are there.”

“It’s like mountains. Why do we climb them? Because they exist. With people, why do you want to hurt them? Because they breathe,” he concluded.

Before fully concerning himself with Mir, Nogueira, or the freshly-crowned UFC champion, Barnett will first face relative unknown Nandor Guelmino on January 12 at Strikeforce’s final show before going dark. Though the dip off in competition could cause a fighter with Barnett’s credentials to overlook his opponent, “The Warmaster” is approaching Guelmino as he would any other adversary no matter the name value involved.

“The way I see it, the guy is a professional fighter, and he wants to fight me. That’s all I really need to know,” said the 31-6 Barnett. “It doesn’t matter if he is famous or Joe Shmoe. It doesn’t matter if he is 30-0 or 0-30. The guy is coming into the ring because he thinks he can beat me, and I’m not going to lay down for that or take him lightly in any way, shape or form.”