Cain VelasquezIt was hard not to be impressed last year when UFC heavyweight Junior dos Santos knocked out then-champion Cain Velasquez in a minute to lay claim to divisional gold. However, in the span since the Brazilian’s blasting of Velasquez it has come to light that a knee injury may have affected the former title-holder’s ability to compete.

The talk has bothered Dos Santos to a certain extent, especially since he too entered the evening at less than 100% due to his own health-related issues.

“I don’t know why people are saying that. The injury was a knee and I hit him in the head. It doesn’t matter if his knee was good or not, you know? If I punch him in the head again, he’s gonna go down again,” said the powerful boxer in an interview with MMAFighting. “In that time I was better than him and that’s it. I won the fight.”

Dos Santos expects a similar result when the two tussle tomorrow night in the main event at UFC 155, though not necessarily in the same fashion considering the likelihood of Velasquez changing up his strategy.

“I think he’s gonna try to take me down right away but I’m very well prepared for that and I’m gonna knock him out again,” explained Dos Santos, adding, “I’m really feeling very well. I’m stronger, faster with more experience so I think Cain Velasquez gonna face a better fighter.”

The 15-1 Dos Santos will be looking for his second successful defense of the championship when he collides with Velasquez, stopping Frank Mir with strikes in a May match-up. He is currently on a ten-fight winning streak.