Jon JonesIt would be easy for UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones to put his career on cruise control considering the success he’s encountered at such a young age. The 25-year old has spent the bulk of his career dominating seasoned competitors including an unprecedented run of victories over former divisional champions.

However, Jones still has a number of goals he hopes to achieve before hanging up his gloves, and is still hungry despite being one of the top draws in MMA.

“I just really want it all. I want to be the best coach in TUF. I want to completely conquer and leave my mark on this sport. So when people ask me some of my goals, I can go on and on. I just really want to accomplish everything,” said Jones in an interview with MMAJunkie, simplifying the terms even further as far as why he’s still so driven. “I don’t think it’s tough to keep the fire. It’s very simple. When the time comes down, when push comes to shove, it’s right back down to the simplicity of ‘Do you want it, or don’t you?’ When you keep things that simple, you take the necessary steps when it’s that time. I don’t think I’ll ever have an issue with passion because of my pride.”

The 17-1 Jones won’t see action in the Octagon again until late April but can be caught on FX starting this January as a coach on the Ultimate Fighter 17 where he’ll square off against Chael Sonnen. The two have formed a rivalry of sorts over the past few months, questioning the other’s character publicly while occasionally chumming it up as well.