Welterweight Paul Daley has a reputation for dishing out a ton of damage inside the cage. That being said, Daley spent his morning trying to mop up a mess rather than make one out of an opponent’s face when the hard-hitting Brit took time to post a message on his Facebook page commenting on his recent arrest for assault and inability to compete in Bellator’s divisional tournament starting this January.

In his statement, Daley did not deny his involvement in some sort of physical altercation but explained it was most definitely NOT a “bar brawl”. He also stated he plans to keep competing overseas until his legal issues have blown over and he is again able to travel to the United States.

Currently, “Semtex” remains one of the most exciting components of Bellator’s 170-pound pool, possessing knockout power and a style based on pure aggression. However, that could change depending on how Daley’s legal situation turns out, as the possibility of jail time is attached to his assault charge. The organization has yet to address his future under their banner.

Daley’s full take can be found below:

“It seems as (though) a mass press release has gone out to the MMA media stating I was involved in a bar brawl, arrest and cannot obtain a P-1 visa to compete in the USA. I am currently awaiting a decision on my visa, which is not expected until late April. Which means I am unable to compete in the Season 8 Bellator tournament, as it starts in January. I will be fighting in Europe in the coming months, so I am able to stay active while awaiting a decision on my visa status. I was not involved in a bar brawl. This is 100 (percent) a false statement.”