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Chris Lytle hasn’t completely ruled out return to the ring

Lytle v HardyRarely if ever is it easy for a fighter to walk away from the ring and call it a career. However, in the case of former UFC welterweight Chris Lytle, the decision was a no brainer even though he was still competing at a fairly high level, opting to hang up his gloves for personal reasons rather than performance-based ones.

Though the 38-year old Lytle doesn’t envision a comeback at any point in the future, “Lights Out” recently admitted he still has the itch to fight and would do so on short notice if the match-up was to his liking.

“There always is and it never really left me,” said Lytle to MiddleEasy when asked about any lingering desire to duke it out in the Octagon. “The reason I retired was because I wasn’t putting enough time in with the family and I cannot commit myself to that kind of training again, where I’m gone at all times. You never know. I always said if the guy I wanted to fight has something happen to his opponent a week out, I might take that. That could happen, but barring that I’m not gonna go back to training full time.”

“There are a few guys, like a Nick Diaz type guy…maybe something like that,” Lytle continued, listing off the sort of scrap piquing his interest. “I like the way he comes forward, wants to fight you, punch you in the face, take you out…doesn’t really care about a decision, that’s the way I am. Carlos Condit, something like that.”

Lytle exited the sport of MMA with an overall record of 31-18-5 including wins over Pat Healy, Matt Brown, Dan Hardy, and former UFC champion Matt Serra. Remarkably, the Indiana firefighter never suffered a submission or knockout in his career, dropping sixteen decisions during his run in the ring and having two tilts stopped due to cuts.


  • Angry Mike says:

    Dude is a warrior and one of my all time favorite fighters. Don’t know how he comes back, though because he retired due bad knees that had bone on bone contact. You can’t rehab that.

  • Creature says:

    I thought he said he reitred because he wante to spend more time with his family? He said it in the above interveiw as well. Anyway as much as id love to see one of my top 5 favorite fighters come back, I think it best for him not too just because his exit from the sport was about as perfect a way to go as you can get.

  • Rece Rock says:

    He should just leave his career how it ended, not to many guys get to go out with a win and a OTN bonus… I think he had a failed bid in politics but he should keep at it..

  • Angry Mike says:

    Lytle injured his right knee about four weeks before he lost to Brian Ebersole at UFC 127. It was reported that the meniscus in his right knee was removed. If there’s no meniscus, he’s got bone on bone. Lytle thought about retiring after losing to Ebersole, but came back for his retirement fight against Dan Hardy, whom he subbed with a guillotine.


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