Typically fans call for fighters to move down in weight in hopes of giving undersized competitors an opportunity to battle similarly built opponents. However, in the case of UFC featherweight champ Jose Aldo, the consensus opinion is that the incredibly talented Brazilian should bulk up to 155 pounds in order to fight without the strain of shedding so many pounds before taking to the Octagon.

While Aldo has also expressed an interest in an eventual run at lightweight, he has always deferred the decision to head coach Andre Pederneiras. The Nova Uniao chief recently chimed in on his star student fighting as a 155er, explaining the change would come at some point but not anytime soon.

“Every fight, he wants to fight at 155 pounds…‘I don’t want to cut any more weight.’ Every day I listen to him about that,” joked Pederneiras to MMAJunkie of Aldo’s desire to be a lightweight. “I think for him it’s better to wait a little bit because he’s putting on mass every year. He doesn’t need to put so much mass that he can’t move the same. He’s gaining weight because he’s so young. I don’t want to put pressure on him to gain weight.”

“I prefer to wait maybe one more year,” he concluded.

Aldo’s next outing will come on February 2 at UFC 156 where he will defend his title against former lightweight champion Frankie Edgar in the evening’s main event. The 26-year old will be going for his fifteenth straight win come showtime.