Ian McCallFlyweight Ian McCall entered the UFC with a reputation as one of the top 125ers in MMA and lived up to it in an entertaining effort against current champion Demetrious Johnson. At one point in the bout, McCall was visibly enjoying himself, raining down strikes on his grounded opponent while mugging for the audience/cameras. However, the bout was ultimately ruled a Draw and McCall failed to find similar success in the rematch, watching his hopes of becoming the UFC’s first flyweight champion laid to waste by way of decision.

The next time McCall is in the Octagon, fans shouldn’t expect to see a smile on his face no matter how things are unfolding in the ring unless a victory is attached to the showing.

“I’m no longer happy with my career at this point. I need a win. I came to the UFC claiming to be world champion. Now I’m 0-1-1, and I’m definitely not happy about it,” stated McCall frankly on MMAJunkie Radio.

Adding to the weight on his shoulders, McCall is facing Joseph Benavidez in a matter of months, also one of the best fighters the 125-pound division has to offer. While a convincing win over Benavidez would obviously help McCall’s stock, he isn’t looking beyond the bout and feels he still has a ways to go before living up to the potential he was labeled with before signing with the UFC.

“People keep saying, ‘Oh, you’re going to get a title shot after this.’ I mean, think about. Honestly, neither of us deserve it. I think Demetrious beat both of us. I would say maybe this one, if I win it convincingly, and then fight whoever else after this. Then maybe,” explained McCall before clarifying his remarks. “Honestly, I’ll take a title shot at any point. I’m not going to turn that down. But I don’t mind working for it. I’m not some guy that’s just going to talk and talk and talk and say, ‘I deserve this,’ and ‘I deserve that.’ I deserve a fight. Once I win, we’ll talk about what I deserve and what I should be doing.”

McCall and Benavidez are set to scrap on February 2 at UFC 156.