Nick DiazHe may have fallen on the scorecards to Carlos Condit, but it has been a long time since UFC welterweight Nick Diaz has suffered a convincing loss. The 29-year old Diaz is notoriously tough, possessing a unique striking style and exceptional ground game, and has made a number of game opponents look bad.

Though champion Georges St-Pierre still has three months to prepare for his bout with Diaz at UFC 158, “Rush” has done some studying and believes he already has the basic formula to beating the Stockton scrapper. In fact, he even got to see it successfully employed against Diaz’s younger brother, Nate Diaz, a little over a week ago in a loss to lightweight title-holder Benson Henderson.

“I watched very carefully your fight against Nate Diaz. I’m going to try to use some of the stuff you have done in the fight to win over Nick Diaz, as well,” said St-Pierre to Henderson during Fuel TV’s cover of the Ultimate Fighter 16 Finale. “I’m going to learn from what you did and try to apply it in my game plan. Thanks for showing me the blueprint.”

Henderson was able to pick the well-rounded Diaz apart by attacking his legs, also making sure to avoid engaging at the urging of his opponent rather than when his gameplan called for it. Condit used a similar strategy successfully against the elder Diaz as well.

St-Pierre and Diaz are set to duke it out on March 16 in Montreal. The bout will mark the conclusion of a longstanding rivalry between the two talented welterweights.