Faber v CruzUFC bantamweight champ Dominick Cruz may not be the most popular title-holder on the organization’s roster but he’s definitely one of the most talented. The 19-1 Cruz has emerged with his hand raised in ten consecutive clashes including success against a number of ranked opponents. However, “The Dominator” hasn’t been in the Octagon for more than a year, taking a coaching stint on TUF 15 and subsequently suffering a torn ACL.

Though Cruz was on pace to return in a few months, a second ACL tear has pushed his schedule back at least another six months (likely more) and created questions about the 27-year old’s future in the sport. While an outpouring of support from fans was to be expected, Cruz recently received some “get well” wishes from a surprise source – Urijah Faber.

“When it all comes down to basic facts, the guy loves the sport and he works hard. There’s a lot of admirable things about him. Having another setback like this is unfortunate,” said Faber in an interview with Fuel TV.

Faber and Cruz have faced off on two past occasions, splitting the scraps, and were supposed to fight again this past July before Cruz went down with injury. During the build up to the bout both had a number of criticisms to offers towards the other and had little positive to say in general. As such, Faber made it clear his interest in seeing Cruz was not just a matter of backing a fallen comrade but also a means of speeding up an opportunity to get his hands on his rival

“”I want him to heal up so I can beat him up eventually,” half-joked Faber, adding, “I wish him a speedy recovery. I hate to hear it, really.”