Mark HominickFormer title-contender Mark Hominick has walked away from MMA despite being young enough to continue competing for years to come. The UFC featherweight announced his decision on UFC Tonight where he cited an interest in spending time with his family as being the driving force behind opting to call it quits.

“Over the last eleven years, I’ve truly gotten to live my passion with all my dreams by competing in professional Mixed Martial Arts and especially under the Zuffa banner. But UFC 154, that will be the last fight I’ll be in the Octagon as I’m retiring and looking to move on to the next phase of my career,” explained Hominick. “I have a young daughter, I have another daughter on the way…I think that’s the next phase of my life, to put focus into that.”

Though Hominick plans to commit the bulk of his time and energy to his family, the 30-year old will also remain involved in MMA on some level, likely as a coach.

“Moving forward, I’m always gonna be involved in this sport. This is my passion. This is what fuels me,” said Hominick.

Hominick also mentioned the proudest moment of his career remains his performance against 145-pound champion Jose Aldo. Though Aldo defeated the talented Canadian, Hominick displayed a tone of heart and had Aldo in trouble at times.

“The Machine” compiled an overall record of 20-12 in his career including sixteen stoppages. Unfortunately, Hominick was unable to retire on a high note, losing four straight fights to close out his career. His most recent stumble came last month when he fell by way of decision to Pablo Garza.

Check out Hominick’s full explanation below: