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Carlos Condit open to rumble with Rory MacDonald

Rory MacDonaldWith mentor Georges St-Pierre as divisional champion, UFC welterweight Rory MacDonald hasn’t set his sights on the title and is instead interested in knocking off fellow contenders including Carlos Condit. Making the “Natural Born Killer” a unique option for the 23-year old phenom, Condit is the only man to have defeated MacDonald, stopping him with strikes a little more than two years ago in the closing moments of a bout he was losing on the scorecards.

The loss has left a sour taste in MacDonald’s mouth to the point “Ares” called Condit out after beating B.J. Penn last weekend at UFC on FOX 5, then did so again in the post-fight press conference and in post-fight interviews. Word of MacDonald’s desire to throw down again has understandably come across Condit’s proverbial desk by now, and the former interim champ has a message back for his antagonist.

“I’m in.”

The simple statement was relayed this week on UFC Tonight with Condit also adding he felt the fight made sense from a rankings standpoint and was something fans would want to see.

No potential date/event was mentioned.

Condit holds an overall record of 28-6 and has finished 26 of the opponents he’s beaten. Among his notable past wins are those over the likes of Jake Ellenberger, Dong Hyun Kim, Dan Hardy, and Nick Diaz. Comparably, MacDonald is 14-1 with relatively recent triumphs against Nate Diaz and Mike Pyle.


  • AlphaOmega says:

    Just saw on twitter that they said itll be at UFC 158

  • Dufresne says:

    I wonder what the WW division would look like these days if Herb Dean hadn’t lost his mind in the last 10 seconds of their original fight? Rory has gone undefeated since then and he was on his way to winning that fight if Herb hadn’t stopped it while Condit wasn’t even throwing shows, so would he have been the Interim Champ? He said he won’t fight GSP, so would he have changed weight classes or would GSP have retired? Weird to think that a few bad seconds of judgement on the ref’s part has completely changed the landscape of an entire division.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    It is but that’s how MMA works, just like a few bad judgements on a fighters part who has been dominating a fight for 3 or 5 straight rounds, then at the end of it decides to do something different and gets caught, either by punch, or sub.

  • I and Rory’s broken face agreed with that stoppage. Im all for this rematch. Rory is constantly.touted as big thing, and he’s looked phenomenal…against mid tier fighters and fading stars. Both guys have improved drastically and the fight makes.sense. I just.hope.ares doesn’t think he’ll play with.Carlos like he did Penn.

  • MCM says:

    I think the stoppage was premature as well, but that 3rd round was a clear 10-8 if ever there was one. That fight was going to a draw.

    I also hear this fight is scheduled for Montreal as the co-main with GSP/Diaz as the main event.

  • Screenplaya says:

    People. There is a reason that Ares is saying that Condit humiliated him. Despite his clear winning of the first two rounds, he was pounded in round three, and I personally had no issue with the stoppage. He wants it back. Condit is willing to give him a shot.

    There should be nothing on this thread, but words of rejoicing. This will be something wonderful.

  • Niv says:

    I agree the stoppage was premature but that’s just how the fight game goes.

    I was there only a few rows away and the place went nuts when they stopped it. Regardless this is a great match up and we may possibly see who’s division this going to be when GSP eventually moves on.


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