With more than 100 wins to his credit and Hall of Fame status, MMA legend Dan Severn has pretty much seen and done it all in the sport. He emerged as a champion during the UFC’s golden age of one-night tournaments, found success in the cage despite being in his 50s, and even tested his hand at professional wrestling on more than one occasion.

Interestingly enough, out of all the in-ring adversity Severn has faced over the years, it turns out he thinks his time as a “sports entertainer” was by far the most difficult endeavor in the bunch.

“Professional wrestling is much more difficult. I’ve been hurt far worse in the professional wrestling industry than I have been in all of my cage matches,” admitted the grizzled Severn in an interview with Fighters. “What makes me nervous about wrestling is that I have to put my body in someone else’s hands. If that person screws up, it’s me that gets hurt.”

Of course, Severn’s true passion has always been legit competition rather than scripted action. After fighting for 18 years, “The Beast” recently decided to call it quits and finally focus on life after MMA. However, a true athlete at heart, that’s not to say the 54-year old wouldn’t give it one more go if the right opportunity came his way.

“If there was a ridiculous amount of money involved, I’d come out of retirement,” laughed Severn, pointing to his interest in one final shot at someone from the same crop of talent he came up with such as Mark Coleman, Ken Shamrock, or Royce Gracie.

Assuming he stays on the shelf, Severn will have exited MMA with an overall record of 101-19-7 not to mention wins in twelve of his last fourteen fights. 77 of his victories involved some form of stoppage.