Anderson SilvaIt wasn’t long ago UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones shrugged off every suggestion of a potential super-fight with legitimate legend Anderson Silva, citing his respect for, and friendship with, Silva as being prohibitive to the notion of the two ever facing off. However, both men have recently changed course, voicing a preference to avoid action against one another but leaving the door cracked open for the clash rather than shutting it altogether.

Jones was recently asked to elaborate on his thoughts regarding a rumble with Silva where, again, he expressed reserved interest in seeing the match-up materialize.

MMA Heat was on hand and able to document the conversation.

“Everything is a possibility. I can’t count too much out,” said Jones to a group of media members at UFC on FOX 5. “I believe we were put on this earth to think big, dream big, and not limit ourselves. Fighting Anderson would definitely be a testament to my faith and my warrior spirit…who knows what will happen in the future.”

“I think super-fights are important for the sport. They are important for legacies,” he concluded on the notion of putting together relevant bouts involving MMA’s biggest stars.

The 25-year old is currently immersed in taping TUF 17 opposite Chael Sonnen. The two are expected to fight in late April with the winner going on to face either Alexander Gustafsson or the winner of Dan Henderson-Lyoto Machida. Of course, with it looking more and more like Jones and Silva could collide at some point in 2013, all bets could be off as far as title-contendership go.