Benson Henderson v Nate DiazUFC lightweight Joe Lauzon was one of the millions of people with eyes on the Octagon this past Saturday night when 155-pound champion Benson Henderson defended his belt against the always-game Nate Diaz at UFC on FOX 5. Of course, as a divisional peer who knows both men on a personal level, Lauzon took away a number of things from the tilt fans may not have considered.

Lauzon recently went on The Underground to share his thoughts on Henderson’s success against Diaz, as well as give takes on the evening’s other efforts, where he gave credit to “Bendo” for solving the riddle of the Diaz Brothers’ stand-up.

“I think Ben figured out how to deal with the current evolution of Nate and Nick Diaz. A healthy supply of leg kicks seems to deal with their unique boxing style for now,” wrote Lauzon. “Ben had a great game plan and stuck to it for 25 minutes and absolutely frustrated Nate.”

The 28-year old Lauzon also made it a point to mention his respect for the way Diaz handled himself after the defeat, peeling back his hardened exterior to give Henderson his due.

“I think the Diaz brothers get a bad rap sometimes for their attitude but that is usually people getting that from their pre-fight attitude. As soon as the final bell was rung, the true Nate Diaz that I know shone through with Nate shaking Ben’s hand and raising his hand acknowledging Ben’s win. Diaz brothers are class acts but it’s usually overshadowed by being such fierce competitors,” explained Lauzon. “Nate and I are friendly but if we end up fighting at some point, he will be mean mugging me from across the room until after the fight and then we would be boys again and I can appreciate that.”